Dallas Chapter YLC

SW Youth Leadership Conferences

The purpose of the Youth Leadership Conference Program is teaching about the free enterprise system, patriotism and developing leadership in juniors and sophomores by attending State Wide Conferences.  The Dallas Chapter sponsors students by paying a student’s full tuition, travel expense, room and board (student or family does not pay any amount).  During each Spring, Dallas Chapter Companions interview candidates at Dallas Area High Schools to select students (it will sponsor) to attend the five Conferences during the Summer on the USS Lexington (Corpus Christi), Texas A&M Campus, and Texas Wesleyan University Campus.  This year, the Dallas Chapter will sponsor 80 students.  Approximately 350 students from around the State of Texas will attend.

We are looking for students who have shown leadership ability in their school.  Although academics is an element for consideration, it is not the main element.  Although we are named the “Military Order”, it is not the purpose to recruit for the military services.  To the contrary, the Leadership Conference Program is accredited by the 2016-17 National Association of Secondary School Principals (“NASSP”), and we are limited to a low percentage of Jr. ROTC participants in attendance.  The Program is designed to develop leaders in the civilian community, business and government.

A Youth Leadership Conference is not a Camp.  This a Conference with lecture classes and joint task group assignments for students to learn leadership and the ability to work together for a successful result.

Top students selected at each Conference are given an opportunity to write an Essay on a topic selected by National Headquarters to compete for the Phoenician Award College Scholarships, being 1st Place - $2,000.00; 2nd Place - $1,000.00; and 3rd Place - $500.00.

Please view the following Video to learn more about the Youth Leadership Conference Program.